Salmon for every moment


Salmon is a fantastic source of sustainable, high-quality, and nutritious protein. More and more people around the world are seeking wholesome, affordable, and environmentally friendly food, and that’s exactly what Foppen can provide.


We believe in salmon for every moment. The rich, smoky, and delicate flavor of our fish can fit into every meal and every lifestyle. 

Where tradition, innovation
and quality come together.


Since 1918, the Foppen family has passed down their knowledge of smoking salmon. From a Dutch family based in the Netherlands, sourcing salmon from Norway and bringing it to your home – each step of the way we’re in tune with our changing surroundings.  

Our unique story informs what we do today and shapes how we think about the future. It gives us an unparalleled understanding of the craft, and allows us to achieve the best results: wholesome, rich, and delicate salmon.


Our number one focus is always on quality. In every product, and every day. For us, quality is not just about quality controls and systems. Quality is also about making a difference every day!

It isn’t just our duty to protect the salmon and the sea; it’s part of who we are. We’re mindful of our changing world, so we fish sustainably and responsibly. By respecting the environment, we produce finer, fresher fish and ensure that future generations can do the same.


Though our processes and values have been with us since 1918, we develop and innovate for the modern world. We do our research and listen to find out what consumers want, then create new styles and recipes to suit every lifestyle and need. It’s all about one thing: providing an experience. Our range of smoked salmon will put a smile on your face and it will make your guests smile too.

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